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What is Mommy Makeover?

Childbirth is a process that causes many physical changes in women. Generally, the appearance and physiology of the abdomen, breasts, arms, and legs change. Common changes after childbirth include sagging of the abdomen, arms, and legs, an increase in body fat percentage due to weight gain, and changes in breast tissue. These physical changes often lead to various concerns in mothers after childbirth. This situation, which brings aesthetic concerns, is expressed not as a single procedure but as a combination of one or more procedures under the name of mommy makeover. The procedures to be applied are personalized; thus, they are shaped according to body structure, age, lifestyle, and desires. Grand Clinic aims to be by your side and with you during this period.


What are the Goals of Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover aims to improve the negative effects of childbirth on the mother. The negative changes in the body also affect the psychological condition of the mother. Tightening sagging abdomen, arms, and legs, removing excess fat tissue, and correcting breast shape as desired are common practices. In case of sagging in the genital areas, tightening of the muscles is aimed.


Who and When Is Mommy Makeover Applied?

Mommy makeover is applied to women who are not satisfied with their body appearance after childbirth. Aesthetic surgery is not recommended for women who have not fully recovered after childbirth and whose breastfeeding period has not ended. Liposuction is applied to certain areas where excess fat tissue accumulates when pregnancy-related weight gains cannot be controlled through diet and exercise. Sagging and stretch marks that mostly occur in the abdomen area after pregnancy become bothersome after childbirth. It is possible to correct these sags. In addition, in case of enlargement and sagging of breast tissue due to breastfeeding, breast lift surgery can be performed along with breast reduction and breast augmentation surgeries according to demand.

Under the umbrella of Mommy Makeover, the following procedures are generally performed:

  • Breast aesthetics: Breast reduction, augmentation, and lift
  • Abdominoplasty: Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction: Removal of excess fat from arms, legs, abdomen, hips, or waist
  • Labiaplasty: Shortening or reduction of inner labia in the genital area
  • Vaginoplasty: Tightening or narrowing of vaginal muscles
  • Butt augmentation or lift
  • Not all of these procedures are always performed under mommy makeover. At Grand Clinic, one or more procedures are performed according to the needs and desires of the individual.


What to Consider During the Surgery and Recovery Process?

Time is required for recovery after surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid heavy and long tasks after surgery. Take care not to strain your body and consider taking time for rest. Do not lift heavy objects. This increases the risk of damaging the wounds and stitches and may also increase pain. Avoid smoking and alcohol to avoid increasing the risk of complications and slowing down the recovery process.


How Does the Process Work After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

After surgery, you may stay in the hospital for a few days for check-ups, and then you can be under supervision at home or the place you are staying for a week. Then you can return to your home and country. Approximately the first 4-6 weeks are a critical period for recovery. However, depending on the type and number of procedures performed, this period may be shorter or longer. It may take several weeks for the stitches to be removed.

It may be dangerous to suddenly return to your old routines after surgery. Therefore, you may consider getting help for your daily tasks for at least a few weeks. It may take about a few weeks to drive, so avoid straining your stitches and wounds. Be sure to use medical garments and medications recommended by Clinic doctors regularly; this can speed up the recovery process. Do not forget to go for regular check-ups until your stitches are removed and even after they are removed.


Is Wearing a Corset Recommended After Mommy Makeover?

Compression garments are usually worn after abdominal surgery. These medical garments wrap the abdomen and waist with external pressure without disturbing the person. Also known as abdominal bands or corsets, these garments aim to prevent swelling, vascular problems, and edema. Additionally, they protect the incision area from external factors. Therefore, they accelerate the healing process. Using compression garments in the presence of scars and scar tissue yields positive results. Generally, you need to use them for 30 days.


Are the Marks After Mommy Makeover Surgery Permanent?

The scars formed after mommy makeover gradually fade away and flatten over time. It takes about 6 months for the scars to completely disappear, but this period can extend to 1-2 years. Factors such as the technique applied in our clinic, your genetic condition, and post-operative care affect the surgical scars. Therefore, you may need to adjust your lifestyle in terms of nutrition, smoking, and alcohol.


When Can Sports Be Done After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Exercise is not recommended for at least 6 weeks after aesthetic surgery. Lifting weights, running, fast and sudden movements strain the wounds and stitches. Additionally, they increase pain. After abdominoplasty surgery, you should not rush to do exercises targeting the abdomen region and wait for complete recovery. Be sure to consult Clinic doctors before returning to your old exercise routines.


Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Again After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

It is possible to get pregnant again after mommy makeover surgery; however, the aesthetic procedures performed on the body before pregnancy may be affected during and after pregnancy. For example, the ability to breastfeed may be affected for a person who has had breast aesthetics, or the abdominal muscles of a person who has undergone abdominoplasty may stretch again during pregnancy.

If you are considering getting pregnant again after mommy makeover surgery, it is important to share this with your doctor. Your doctor can provide you with recommendations and address the changes that may occur in your body after pregnancy.

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