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Op. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk

Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Mrs. Dr.Ayşe Öztürk graduated from Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 1995. In 1999, she started her specialization training at the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic at Malatya Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center and completed her specialization training in 2005. She qualified as an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist.During her specialty training, she had the opportunity to gain experience in all areas of plastic surgery, especially aesthetic surgery, microsurgery and hand surgery, cleft lip and palate treatments, orthognathic surgery, tumor surgery, and congenital anomalies. She worked as Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op., in public hospitals until September 2012.After this date DR. Ayşe Öztürk started working in a private hospital in Istanbul and performed many hair transplant surgeries and plastic surgeries.Op.Dr.Ayşe Öztürk's areas of interest in plastic surgery include hair transplantation, face, nose, breast plastic surgery and cosmetic applications, chin aesthetics, skin tumors, treatment of non-healing wounds, cleft lip and palate surgery, maxillofacial surgery, surgery of congenital anomalies. , hand surgery, breast reconstruction.Op.Dr. Ayşe ÖZTÜRK who has 12 international 3 national publishing on her are, 7 presentation on congresses and 20 poster presentations, follows professional developments and inovations closely in her areaMiss. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk accepts patients at Grand Clinic.

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