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    Gastric Botox

    Gastric Botox

    What is Gastric Botox?

    Gastric botox is one of the methods used in the treatment of obesity, which provides weight loss without surgical methods. Thanks to the restriction of the stomach muscles, the emptying time of the restricted stomach is delayed. In this way, the patient has a great advantage in losing weight. This method, which was introduced to the treatment of obesity by Norwegian scientists in the 2000s, has become increasingly common in the world. The purpose of this method is to limit the contraction coefficient of the stomach muscles and to ensure delayed emptying of the stomach.

    How is Gastric Botox Performed?

    It is performed endoscopically by injecting Botulinum toxin into certain parts of the stomach. Thanks to this method, the stomach muscles contract and restrict. Gastric emptying time is delayed. In this way, the patient experiences loss of appetite. The classic botox application is for the signs of aging on the skin. For the stomach, this method has been revised and has become a treatment that helps patients lose weight.

    Advantages of Gastric Botox Operation
    • Thanks to gastric botox, a feeling of fullness occurs in the stomach and patients get hungry later.
    • The stomach shrinks and weight loss is experienced.
    • It is a very effective method for individuals with obesity.
    • There are no risks such as surgical methods.
    • 15-20% weight loss is targeted.
    • There is a decrease in ghrelin (hunger hormone) level.
    • Gastric acid secretion decreases and gastric emptying slows down.
    • It is effective in cases of sudden rise/fall in blood sugar after meals and keeps blood sugar levels stable during the day.
    Who Is Gastric Botox Suitable For?

    Gastric botox can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. However, there are certain criteria for these patients;

    • Patients who cannot lose weight correctly with diet and sports,
    • Those with a body mass index below 40,
    • Patients who cannot achieve success with bariatric surgery,
    • Patients who are overweight in the range of 10 to 20 kilos but are not obese,
    • Patients who do not have problems such as stomach ulcers or stomach bleeding,
    • Those who do not have heart disease or neuromuscular diseases,
    • Patients who are not allergic to botulinum toxin or similar substances are suitable for gastric botox.
    What is the Recovery Process After Gastric Botox Operation?

    After gastric botox, appetite is reduced and controlled for an average of 3 days. Due to the lack of surgical procedure, the patient can return to his social life after a short time. Since no incision is made, there is no scar after the surgery. There is no need for hospitalization after the procedure.

    How Many Days Should I Allocate for Gastric Botox Procedure?

    Gastric botox is a quick and short procedure. No incision is made during the procedure, so hospitalization is not required. It will be sufficient to allocate 1 day for the gastric botox procedure, which has an average procedure time of 20 minutes.

    What Should Be Considered Before Gastric Botox?

    There are some points that patients should pay attention to before gastric botox;

    • The patient’s body mass index should be measured and should be below 40.
    • The patient must be over 16 years old.
    • Before the procedure, it should be investigated whether the patient is allergic to Botulinum toxin.
    • The patient should not have muscle nerve disease.
    • If the patient has ailments such as stomach ulcers and gastritis, these diseases should be treated first. Then, gastric botox can be applied.
    • Patients should be hungry 6 hours before the procedure.
    • Stomach-protecting drugs such as lansaprazole/pantaprazole should be started one week before the procedure. In this way, stomach irritation is prevented.
    What Should Be Considered After Gastric Botox?

    There are critical points to be considered after the gastric botox procedure;

    • Heavy lifting should not be done on the first day and exercise should be avoided.
    • Fast food-style, excessively fatty, or sugary foods and acidic foods should not be consumed.
    • A healthy nutrition program should be prepared and nutrition should be carried out accordingly
    • Drinking excessive amounts of water should be avoided in the first hours after surgery.
    • Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be limited in the first days.
    • The use of medications prescribed by your doctor should not be interrupted.
    • If side effects such as difficulty swallowing, nausea, cramps are observed, a doctor should be consulted.
    • Surgery, dietician and psychologist controls should be visited regularly.
    • Caffeinated beverages should not be drunk for the first three days.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    * For informational purposes only, be sure to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

    • Breast reduction surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.

    • After breast reduction surgery, it is important that you should wear a special bra and pay attention to your movements. As long as you follow these rules, you can return to your normal life within 3-4 days. There may be swelling and bruising in your breasts after the operation, and these complications usually disappear completely within 2-3 weeks.

    Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure if it is performed in a hospital, in a sterile operating environment, under the well-skilled expert team and specialist doctor.

    • The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent.

    • It is an operation usually performed on anyone over the age of 18. However, it can also be performed under the age of 18 in cases where it affects the person’s daily life.

    • After breast reduction surgery, 1 night at the hospital should be stayed. In some cases, the breasts may be taped after the surgery, these tapes will be removed within 1-3 days, or a sports bra may be worn directly after the operation. It is recommended that you should not lift weights and do sports activities for 1-2 months. The breasts regain their natural appearance within 2-3 months and then take their full form within 6 months.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia, no pain or hurt is felt during the procedure.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia.

    • Breast Reduction Surgery is safe and risk-free if performed in a full-fledged hospital with a specialist physician and team. There is no scar. Incisions are made in places light, inconspicuous, and well-hidden. If the scar cream and other instructions given by the doctor are followed, there will be no scars.

    • It is not recommended to enter/swim at the pool or the sea for approximately 1 month after the surgery.

    • The breasts will have a natural appearance within 1-2 months. It takes up to 6 months for the full desired result.

    • Breast reduction surgery results are permanent; therefore, there is no need to operate again. The surgery can be performed again after factors such as age, birth, excessive weight gain, etc.

    • Swelling is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The swelling disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Edema is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The edema disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Please contact us to get information about breast reduction surgery costs in 2024. Our specialists will get back to you immediately and answer all your questions.


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