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    Face Lift

    Face Lift

    What is Rhytidoplasty (Facelift)?

    Rhytidoplasty (Facelift) is a cosmetic surgery procedure applied to give the skin a younger and lifting appearance in cases such as sagging skin, wrinkles, loss of volume in the skin, and lack of facial shape.

    How is Facelift Procedure Performed?

    Facelift surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the method of the operation. Generally, an incision is made on the temples and the area where the hairline is located. In this way, the scars that may occur later are hidden. It is aimed to remove excess skin and reposition the skin.

    What are Facelift Surgery Techniques?

    Facelift surgery and techniques are shaped according to the desires of the person and have more than one technique. Facelift is divided into two categories as surgical and non-surgical. Some of these are as follows;

    Surgical Facelift:
    • Endoscopic Facelift
    • Mini-Facelift
    • Mid-Facelift
    • Total-Facelift

    Upper Face: Forehead and eyebrows

    Mid Face: Cheeks, nose and eyes

    Lower Face: Mouth, chin and neck

    Non Surgical Facelift:
    • French (Strap) Lift
    • Liquid Facelift
    • Spider Web Facelift
    • Satin Face Lift Application
    • Golden Needle Facelift Application
    • Facelift Application with Filler Injection
    • Facial Mesotherapy
    • Focused Ultrasound
    What is Endoscopic Face Lift Surgery?

    Endoscopic facelift surgery is designed to eliminate the signs of aging in the face and neck area. This operation, under general anesthesia, is performed with a camera called endoscope and surgical instruments. The endoscope allows the surgeon to see your face and neck muscles better.

    Since fewer incisions are made, the operation is terminated in a shorter time. Since fewer tissue layers are removed through these small incisions, the healing time is also shorter. In this way, less bruising and edema occur.

    Mimics are not lost in endoscopic facelift operation because the anatomical integrity of the fat and muscle tissues under the skin is not disturbed during the operation. It is a successful rejuvenation surgery performed without disturbing the naturalness of the face.

    The following conditions can be corrected with endoscopic facelift surgery;

    • Sagging cheeks, forehead, chin and facial area
    • Wrinkles around the eyes
    • Forehead lines
    • Smile lines
    • Those with drooping eye and eyebrow structure
    • Older, unhappy, negative or tired looking people
    What is Mini Facelift Surgery?

    Mini facelift surgery is performed under general anesthesia to correct the signs of aging in the lower half of the face.

    The following skin problems can be corrected with mini facelift surgery:

    • Low eyebrows
    • Sagging upper and lower eyelids
    • Downward sagging of the fat tissue on the cheekbone
    • Smile lines on the sides of the nose and mouth become prominent
    • Sagging at the edges of the chin
    • Regional fat sites in the jowl and neck area
    What is Mid Face Lift Surgery?

    Mid-face lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia to correct the signs of aging in the middle part of the face. The sagging skin on the eyelids and cheekbones is tightened. This procedure, which makes the lower part of the cheeks more prominent, makes the face more prominent.

    In the operation that provides tightening of the eyelid and cheekbones, signs of aging, volume loss and sagging are eliminated. It also provides a more prominent appearance of the lower part of the cheeks.

    The following skin problems can be corrected with mid-facelift surgery:

    • Forehead lines
    • Lines between eyebrows
    • Wrinkles around the eyes
    • Downfalling on cheeks
    What is Total Face Lift Surgery?

    Total face lift surgery is a procedure that covers the entire face. It eliminates drooping eyebrows, lines in the forehead area, lines that become prominent on the sides of the mouth and nose, sagging skin and wrinkles. The face is given a more fresh, lively and youthful appearance.

    The following skin problems can be corrected with total facelift surgery:

    • Wrinkles around the eyes
    • Forehead lines
    • Lines between eyebrows
    • Smile lines
    • Sagging in the jaw line and jowl area
    • Downfalling on cheeks
    What Are The Points To Be Considered Before Facelift?
    • Before facelift surgery, you should inform your doctor about all your health information such as your chronic diseases, diseases you have had, genetic diseases and medications you use continuously.
    • If you are using any medication such as blood thinners, you should definitely tell your doctor and you should stop such medications 1 week before the operation under the supervision of a doctor.
    • Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped 7-8 days before the operation.
    What Are The Points To Be Considered After Facelift?

    After facelift surgery, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 1 night.

    • After facelift surgery, you should use the medical face mask given by your doctor.
    • In order for the swelling to go down faster, oedema-inducing foods should be avoided and plenty of water should be consumed during this period.
    • Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped in order not to adversely affect the healing process.
    • In this process, you should not lie on your face and should lie on your back with your head elevated.
    • In the first week, laughter, facial expressions and long conversations that will stretch the facial line should be avoided.
    • In the interval of a month to one and a half months, the sun should be avoided, and if you go out in the sun; the face should be protected by using a hat and sunglasses.
    Advantages of Face Lift Surgery
    • Providing a permanent results rather than a short-term compared to non-surgical methods
    • If performed correctly, it rejuvenates the person 20-30 years younger
    • Solving the problem of wrinkles and sagging skin on the face
    • Being a way to reverse the aging process
    • Combination with other surgical procedures
    What is a Non-Surgical Facelift?

    Non-surgical facelift is a procedure for people to regain a firmer, younger skin without any surgery.

    What is French (Strap) Lift?

    Under the local anesthesia, threads are placed under the skin and stretching is performed under the skin. Wrinkles and sagging on the face and neck are removed. This procedure makes the skin look more lifting. In this procedure, the face shape is made more distinct and a more aesthetic and youthful appearance is achieved.

    It is performed under the local anesthesia between 15-30 minutes, thanks to this method, faster and permanent results are obtained compared to other non-surgical methods. The life of this procedure provides permanence between 5-8 years depending on the quality of the threads used. After this period, the procedure can be repeated.

    In surgical facelift operations, the result is permanent and does not need to be repeated.

    What is Liquid Facelift?

    It is a procedure so that it eliminates wrinkles and sagging and gives the skin a youthful appearance again by using filling fluids such as hyaluronic acid injected under the skin.

    Spider Web Facelift Application

    Spider web application is a skin stretching technique performed according to the skin structure of medical threads, age, skin deformation and anatomy of the person. In addition to being a non-surgical technique that can be performed in a short time, it can be supported by fat transfer if necessary. As a result of the application, the person has a younger and brighter skin. Wrinkles and sagging, which are signs of aging, are eliminated by this procedure. It is a fast-acting procedure in a short time.

    Satin Facelift Application

    Satin face lift is one of the proven methods especially around the eyes. It is an operation performed to activate the passive tissues in the dermis layer. After this procedure, sagging and wrinkles on the skin are reduced.

    Golden Needle Facelift Application

    Golden needle application, which eliminates the signs of aging, is applied for skin rejuvenation. This treatment provides tightening of the skin by reducing skin sagging.

    Facelift Application with Filler Injection

    In facelift application with filler injection, which is one of the non-surgical procedures, fillers such as hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin. It is one of the procedures used to remove fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

    What is Face Mesotherapy?

    It is applied to the neck, décolleté and face area. In this method, antioxidants such as A, D, E, selenium, ginkgo, biloba, hyaluronic acid and a number of cell fresheners are injected into the skin to regenerate the skin and increase skin elasticity. It is an effective procedure on skin wrinkles and skin sagging.

    What is Facelift with Focus Ultrasound?

    In the face lift method with focus ultrasound, thanks to the micro and macro focusing feature of the device used, it tightens the dermis layer of the skin with heat and provides stretching of the skin. It is also an effective procedure that eliminates sagging.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    * For informational purposes only, be sure to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

    • Breast reduction surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.

    • After breast reduction surgery, it is important that you should wear a special bra and pay attention to your movements. As long as you follow these rules, you can return to your normal life within 3-4 days. There may be swelling and bruising in your breasts after the operation, and these complications usually disappear completely within 2-3 weeks.

    Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure if it is performed in a hospital, in a sterile operating environment, under the well-skilled expert team and specialist doctor.

    • The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent.

    • It is an operation usually performed on anyone over the age of 18. However, it can also be performed under the age of 18 in cases where it affects the person’s daily life.

    • After breast reduction surgery, 1 night at the hospital should be stayed. In some cases, the breasts may be taped after the surgery, these tapes will be removed within 1-3 days, or a sports bra may be worn directly after the operation. It is recommended that you should not lift weights and do sports activities for 1-2 months. The breasts regain their natural appearance within 2-3 months and then take their full form within 6 months.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia, no pain or hurt is felt during the procedure.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia.

    • Breast Reduction Surgery is safe and risk-free if performed in a full-fledged hospital with a specialist physician and team. There is no scar. Incisions are made in places light, inconspicuous, and well-hidden. If the scar cream and other instructions given by the doctor are followed, there will be no scars.

    • It is not recommended to enter/swim at the pool or the sea for approximately 1 month after the surgery.

    • The breasts will have a natural appearance within 1-2 months. It takes up to 6 months for the full desired result.

    • Breast reduction surgery results are permanent; therefore, there is no need to operate again. The surgery can be performed again after factors such as age, birth, excessive weight gain, etc.

    • Swelling is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The swelling disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Edema is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The edema disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Please contact us to get information about breast reduction surgery costs in 2024. Our specialists will get back to you immediately and answer all your questions.


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