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    Dental Implants

    Dental Implant

    What is Dental Implant?

    Implant is a treatment method used in the treatment of missing teeth. The procedure is performed by placing a dental prosthesis on screws. Compared to other dental procedures, it does not damage adjacent teeth and does not require to be cut. In this process, you can eat, laugh and talk comfortably. There are product alternatives when choosing an implant; it is important to provide effective and rapid solutions in cases of any problems. Dental implants can be an alternative to prosthetic teeth or bridges that do not fit. As scientifically documented, implant treatment is a treatment with a very high success rate.

    How is Dental Implant Performed?

    In implant treatment, titanium screws are placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. A fixed or removable dental prosthesis is placed on the screw. Compared to other dental treatments, implant treatment does not harm adjacent teeth. It is not required to cut adjacent teeth when applying a dental implant. The implant acts as a root in the tooth and allows you to perform the same functions as a natural tooth.

    What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

    The biggest advantage of a dental implant is that it is a durable, comfortable and reliable application. Prostheses made on implants create a natural structure on the tooth. Missing teeth are completed in this way. It is quite long-lasting compared to other prostheses. By replacing natural teeth, the implant provides a definite and healthy solution to the problems that tooth loss can cause.

    What are the Dental Implant Treatment Techniques?

    Dental implant is the process of placing a dental prosthesis on titanium screws placed in the jawbone to repair missing teeth. Many treatment methods can be used in implant treatment, depending on the way they are placed. The most used of these techniques are;

    • Single stage Implant
    • Two-stage Implant
    • Smart implant
    • All-on-four
    • All-on-six
    • Immediate implant
    • Digital implant
    What are Smart Implants?

    Smart Implants are that start the self-healing process when placed in the jawbone. These implants integrate more quickly with the jawbone with the special material placed on their titanium surfaces. Implants are used to treat teeth that have suffered tooth loss and therefore have impaired aesthetic appearance during smiling. In this way, a healthy mouth and teeth image is regained. The smart implant protects the applied area against external factors with its special surface.

    What are the Advantages of Smart Implants?

    The advantages of smart implants are:

    • Short recovery time
    • Prosthesis with natural appearance
    • Protecting oral health
    • Healthy tooth appearance
    • aesthetic smile
    Who is Suitable for Implant Treatment?

    Implant treatment is suitable for anyone who has no developmental problems in the jaw and oral structure.

    What is the Healing Process After Implant Treatment?

    The healing process after implant treatment varies according to the implant placement technique and the material used. In single-stage implants, the healing period is usually shorter and the patient is usually discharged after the same session. In two-stage implants, the healing period is longer than the one-stage implant technique. In this technique, the implant and bone can wait between 6 and 8 weeks for the implant and bone to bond. During this period, the patient is fitted with a temporary prosthesis.

    How Many Days Does Implant Treatment Take?

    The duration of implant treatment varies according to the technique of placing the implant in the jaw. While the treatment time is one day for single-stage implants, it can be 2 days or more for two-stage implants.

    What Are The Points To Be Considered After Implant Treatment?

    After the implant treatment, it is important to

    • use of painkillers prescribed by the doctor regularly.
    • not smoke,
    • not consume hard foods,
    • not miss doctor visits,
    • protect oral hygiene,
    • take in consideration the doctor’s recommendations
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    * For informational purposes only, be sure to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

    • Breast reduction surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.

    • After breast reduction surgery, it is important that you should wear a special bra and pay attention to your movements. As long as you follow these rules, you can return to your normal life within 3-4 days. There may be swelling and bruising in your breasts after the operation, and these complications usually disappear completely within 2-3 weeks.

    Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure if it is performed in a hospital, in a sterile operating environment, under the well-skilled expert team and specialist doctor.

    • The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent.

    • It is an operation usually performed on anyone over the age of 18. However, it can also be performed under the age of 18 in cases where it affects the person’s daily life.

    • After breast reduction surgery, 1 night at the hospital should be stayed. In some cases, the breasts may be taped after the surgery, these tapes will be removed within 1-3 days, or a sports bra may be worn directly after the operation. It is recommended that you should not lift weights and do sports activities for 1-2 months. The breasts regain their natural appearance within 2-3 months and then take their full form within 6 months.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia, no pain or hurt is felt during the procedure.

    • It is performed under general anesthesia.

    • Breast Reduction Surgery is safe and risk-free if performed in a full-fledged hospital with a specialist physician and team. There is no scar. Incisions are made in places light, inconspicuous, and well-hidden. If the scar cream and other instructions given by the doctor are followed, there will be no scars.

    • It is not recommended to enter/swim at the pool or the sea for approximately 1 month after the surgery.

    • The breasts will have a natural appearance within 1-2 months. It takes up to 6 months for the full desired result.

    • Breast reduction surgery results are permanent; therefore, there is no need to operate again. The surgery can be performed again after factors such as age, birth, excessive weight gain, etc.

    • Swelling is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The swelling disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Edema is most noticeable in the first week after surgery. The edema disappears within 2-3 weeks.

    • Please contact us to get information about breast reduction surgery costs in 2024. Our specialists will get back to you immediately and answer all your questions.


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